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  • Annual cleanings/tune-ups: Having your heating system cleaned annually can save up to 1/3 of your fuel consumption.
  • Circulators/zone valves: Old and outdated circulators and zone valves should be replaced in order to circulate the proper amount of water to adequately heat your home.
  • Air filters/blower wheels: Air filters and blower wheels should be cleaned or replaced annually.
  • Drips/leaks: Leaking faucets, tubs, and shower valves can consume enormous amounts of fuel as well as waste water. Have these repaired as needed.
  • Thermostat adjustments: Most heating systems are designed and installed to maintain a desired indoor temperature. Most objects in a home, such as furniture, will hold some level of heat. Lowering your thermostat by more than 3-5 degrees allows your home and objects to drop below your desired set point. When you raise the thermostat by more that 3-5 degrees the heating system has to work that much harder using more fuel and electricity to reach the desired indoor temperature. We recommend you find your desired indoor temperature and try not to change this temperature by more than 3-5 degrees.
  • Domestic hot water: Eliminating tankless coils and installing indirect fired hot water tanks such as Weil-McLain Plus gold Series Tanks will allow you to minimize the boiler stand by loss and the boiler will only run when needed for heat or hot water.
  • Weather responsive control packages by Viessmann: Carter Oil offers a full line of weather responsive control packages and boilers that will continuously monitor the outdoor temperature and correct the boiler water temperature that is being sent out to the heating zones in your home based on the outdoor temperature. In most cases our customers have seen up to a 50% decrease in fuel consumption when installing these packages.
  • Oil tank additives: Most fuel oil tanks that are over ten years old begin to accumulate moisture and some level of waxing/gelling in the tank. This affects the atomization process at the oil burner, therefore decreasing the overall efficiency of the heating unit. Carter Oil offers STR-2. For more information see our oil tank protection plan. We also offer this additive without the protection plan at a reduced rate.

For more energy saving ideas, visit the Rhode Island Energy Office website.


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