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  • Scheduled Oil Deliveries, Budget Oil Deliveries
    Automatic Deliveries
    Today's high-tech weather tracking and Carter Oil's sophisticated   Degree Day software take the burden off of you to determine when you need fuel. Signing up today for Automatic Delivery guarantees that you will never be left out in the cold.  Let us worry about your fuel oil needs. We will deliver as needed and leave you the bill. Simply drop by or send us a check within seven days of the delivery.

    Carter Oil uses modern computer software to determine your needs and manage them. Your home and family usage, the size of your tank and how cold the weather has been are all factors in when your delivery is scheduled. Call today for automatic delivery, and don't get left out in the cold.
  • Call in Deliveries
    Some customers prefer to keep an eye on their fuel tank and call when they choose to get fuel oil deliveries. Carter Oil is always happy to accommodate those customers and accepts call in orders.
  • Budget Oil Deliveries
    Some customers prefer the convenience of knowing what their bill will be every month. Stop by or give us a call. We will estimate your fuel oil usage and you will make a payment once a month for ten months. Budget customers receive the convenience of automatic deliveries while knowing what their payment will be monthly.
  • Pre-Buy/Cap/Lock-In Programs
    The experienced staff at Carter Oil keeps a close eye on the fuel market. When we feel it will benefit our customers, we purchase oil and offer different programs. With the volatile market over the past couple of years, we have not felt that such programs would benefit our customers and chose not to run the programs. Please be assured that we continue to watch the market and will continue to work hard to provide our customers with the best choices. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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