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Oil Tank Protection Plan

STR-2 Sludge Dispersant and De-Icer
Carter Oil is now offering oil tank protection for $55.00 a year per 275 gallon oil tank. This could potentially save you from a repair bill as high as $2,000.00. By using STR-2, it will reduce the amount of sludge, waxing and gelling of fuel which in turn increases the efficiency of your boiler and could reduce the number of service calls.

STR-2 sludge dispersant & de-icer prevents the following:

  • Disperses and eliminates sludge
  • Improves combustion and fuel efficiency
  • Reduces filter plugging and clogging
  • Reduces maintenance and downtime
  • Stabilizes fuel during storage
  • Prevents and control ice formation in fuel
  • Enhances cold climate fuel operability
  • Lowers pour and plug point
  • Controls water condensation
  • Inhibits tank and fuel system corrosion
  • Emulsifies water allowing it to burn-off
  • Reduces carbon and soot build up
  • Prevents bacteria and algae build up by removing water

If your oil tank should leak within 12 months after the treatment has been added into your tank, Carter Oil will replace the existing tank at no charge to the customer (labor & parts). Your existing oil tank may need to be inspected before treatment. Please contact us if you are interested in this tank protection.

*Carter Oil is not responsible for any pollution clean up or hazardous waste disposal.


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